since i’m ending high school in about two weeks, i’m heading into the longest summer vacation i’ve had in years. (for reference, usually school begins again in mid-august but this year it begins in mid-september–that is, if i still end up going to college haha!!)

given all this free time, i’ve realized i have so many things i could waste my time doing. i don’t actually have a physical (or digital?) list of these things so i thought i should talk about them in this post and sort them by category.


  • learn more python
  • learn more c++
  • learn some assembly
  • learn how to actually use github


  • review for placement test :^)
  • actually try to look up the classes i’m taking next year
  • accept life as a math major


  • actually draw something
  • come to terms with breaking up w/photoshop


it’s actually pretty likely that i’ll forget to do these things or i’ll end up procrastinating. but hey, at least i wrote down my goals somewhere. (i am lying to myself!)

should i find more stuff to do, i’ll add them here. ok thanks.