i graduated high school yesterday. like all of the other senior events, i didn’t really… feel it. i just wanted to leave. nevertheless, i guess this is a good time to reflect on what my high school life was like.


things i liked

  • making friends in robotics
  • learning in apcs (not being in apcs though)
  • learning physics for the first time (s/o to mr. cook for congratulating me last night)
  • HL MATH was really fun and difficult but that made it more fun. also really cool people in the class. this includes the other students, haha.
  • teaching at grl developers every friday
  • going to math team in the 11th grade
  • sitting alone at lunch doing math when i didn’t have friends

things i won’t miss

  • having bad grades all of the time!!
  • PE — the bane of my existence
  • not having friends
  • history notebook checks
  • feeling dumb in all of my classes (especially physics haha)

despite everyone saying it does, i don’t think high school will really prepare me for what’s next. i think maybe it’s because i didn’t take advantage of it as much and i’m plagued with this feeling with regret about high school. i’m afraid that it will repeat itself–that i’ll start off well and maybe not have any friends, then later i’ll be doing horribly and be barely able to save myself.

i can’t make predictions about it though, and i’d rather not think about school starting again in september. i’m not going to school today (i went yesterday though i wasn’t supposed to do so) and i’ve decided that this is my first day of summer break. i think i’m going to work on that programming stuff i’ve always wanted now.

goodbye high school, you kind of sucked sometimes but i guess you were okay a few times.