i need to write some things down

i think it would help if i tried to write my ideas down, otherwise i’ll probably forget them.

also, i don’t want to forget this blog.

habits i want to pick up before summer session

  • use duolingo at least four times a week
    • will i ever need my knowledge of high school french? maybe not, but i’d like to try and preserve it as much as possible. i’ve got this fear of losing my memory (in general, not just french) and i don’t want it to happen, so practicing something often would help out with stopping that (i think).
  • run at least once every two weeks
    • once every two weeks isn’t really a lot at all but i don’t really expect myself to do any better than that, anyway. i’m kind of really unfit and my weight has been the same since starting school last fall and i’m kinda bummed, so starting this habit might help to start losing some of that weight.
  • do something with my godamned website
    • i have no idea what i’m doing but i want to do something cool
  • study once a week for each class i have
    • whether it be re-reading some text or creating some sort of study guide or chart, i want to get into the habit of studying early. i didn’t exactly study last-minute during winter quarter but i feel like the concepts i’m learning in spring quarter will be very important to the rest of college for me and i’d like the stuff to stick for a while.

i also need to get a haircut.

ok bye