how am i doing?

i’m doing fine, thanks.

i realize i haven’t posted here in a while. actually, i have–i’ve just deleted a lot of my old posts because i didn’t like them anymore.

i am a computer science major at school now. i think i was a math major at the time of my last post? actually, i think i was still in high school in my last post, lol.

i have been drawing a lot less lately. i’m not sure if it’s because i don’t enjoy it as much, or because i don’t have enough time–i work part time at an on-campus starbucks. and i guess because a  lot of my time is spent studying, doing homework, or working, i’m both uninspired and drained if i ever do get free time.

speaking of lacking free time–i also feel like there’s a lot of pressure for me to spend a lot of my free time programming, and that without a few side projects i won’t be successful in gaining an internship/job/etc. i have an idea in mind, and hopefully, by the end of 2017, i will have a working demo on my website for  it : – )

i have also gotten into writing poetry. i don’t think i will post it on here because i feel like a lot of the posts on this blog are either tech or just life updates? so be on the look out for something on that too.

i should be studying, goodbye and thanks 4 reading!