today is the first day of my new job! i’m going to be a teaching assistant for a class teaching ~scratch to elementary school kids~ web development to middle school kids over the summer. i’m finally doing adult things and actually putting myself out there! what a surprise!

also, i don’t think i ever posted about my old job on here. i worked at a starbucks on campus for about six months starting last summer and ending in february. it was fun, but really stressful. classes got hard and i didn’t have enough time for myself, so everything kind of snowballed and didn’t go too well. but i think i came out a better and more outgoing person.

anyway, onto my new job–

i thought i would be doing an internship this summer at some big company, but clearly i’m not. it was kind of like in high school where i was so concerned with going to a “smart” school that people would be impressed with. and like in high school, i didn’t get accepted where i wanted. but i’ve come to realize that it doesn’t!! matter!! and maybe an internship isn’t even what i want or need right now…

teaching has always been a big interest of mine and if you know me personally, you know that i won’t shut up about it. i wanted to work under a fancy company in the tech industry for so long, but as of late i’ve been thinking about teaching. i love it, i have experience in it, why not just do it?

so i searched for teaching jobs, researched teaching credential programs, even considering grad school during my (shallow) google searches. and i now have my summer teaching job and several other programming education jobs/internships i’m waiting on hearing back from. i’m thinking this is a better fit for what i want to do with my life. i hope so.

maybe i’ll change my mind about it later but i’m feeling so good about it now. i can’t wait to make an impact, make a difference, change even one kid’s life, + other inspirational “teacher” things, etc.

wish me luck on my first day!